Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website

Easy to update and looks great on any mobile device

A strong online presence is critical in building trust with patients and driving sales to your pharmacy. Our fully responsive, pharmacy branded websites are designed specifically with pharmacies in mind by making it easy for you to create and update your site to attract and retain your patients. With scheduled updates, your site will stay up-to-date while you focus on what matters.

Save Time by Scheduling Updates to Your Pharmacy Website

SnapRx’s drag-and-drop website editor enables you to create an unlimited number of pages without writing a single line of code. Make changes and add or remove pages as often as you like. Scheduled updates allow you to have your website update while you focus on running your pharmacy.

Create a fully responsive pharmacy website with SnapRx and the drag-and-drop editor
Improve your pharmacy

SEO: Improve Your Pharmacy’s Search Ranking

72% of all patients who performed a local search ended up frequenting a business that was within five miles of them. The best way to be found online is to customize your SEO with the terms your patients are searching. SnapRx makes it easy to customize your SEO while automatically optimizing pages to increase engagement and get your pharmacy found.

Create Your Own Responsive Website

In a mobile-driven world, your patients are guaranteed to be searching for your pharmacy on their phones and tablets. With a SnapRx website, you can be confident that your pharmacy website will automatically look great on any device.  Choose from over 300 different layout and theme options and start converting patients whether they’re in the office or one the go.

Create a fully responsive pharmacy website with SnapRx
Drive traffic to your pharmacy with an in-store event

Drive Traffic to Your Pharmacy by Promoting Events

There are plenty of reasons to visit your pharmacy beyond just a refill. Create an in-store event to drive traffic to your pharmacy for annual screenings, information sessions, and more! Simply add the details to your SnapRx planning calendar and the event will automatically be published to your website. Patients can then RSVP and share your event on social media.

Build a Mobile-Friendly Website with SnapRx

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