Sell Online with SnapRx

Increase font end sales with an e-commerce solution that fits the needs of your pharmacy

Sell a few products through email or build your pharmacy around a complete online store. Grow your bottom line and sell front end products even if you don’t have the room to stock them through our Shopify and PayPal integrations.

Build and Update Your Online Pharmacy Store with Ease

Create an online store for your pharmacy with SnapRx.  With one click, product and patient information are instantly synced between your SnapRx and Shopify account, making sure that all your information is updated.  From there, send targeted emails with your products to drive patients to purchase online.  A new revenue source is just a click away with SnapRx and Shopify.

Grow your front-end sales by selling your pharmacy products online with SnapRx and Shopify.  E-Commerce is just a click away!
Sell your pharmacy products online and in email with SnapRx and PayPal with the PayPal But button

A Simple E-Commerce Pharmacy Solution with PayPal

Tap into a new revenue source by letting y our patients shop directly through email and online with our PayPal integration.  SnapRx makes it easy for you to turn emails into sales opportunities while still creating meaningful connections with your patients.  Our PayPal integration also lets your pharmacy sell products online without having a full e-commerce website.

Convert Patients into Paying Customers

Every successful marketing campaign results in two things: conversion and loyalty. SnapRx makes it easy for you to get the right message to an audience that’s ready to make a purchase through list segmenting and email marketing. Our goal is to increase your revenue and put the entire process within your control.

Send targeted emails to pharmacy patients in SnapRx with list segmentation

E-Commerce + SnapRx:

  • Sell Through Email with PayPal: Easily sell products, packages or services with a PayPal buy button in your emails
  • SnapRx + Shopify: Connect SnapRx to Shopify and add a complete online store to your website
  • Targeted Emails: Send highly targeted emails based on purchase history with SnapRx

Grow Your Pharmacy with E-Commerce from SnapRx

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